• Victor Dabestani

    Victor Dabestani

    VP - Mortgage
    NMLS# 334734

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    For over 30 years, Victor Dabestani has been using his keen attention to detail and transactional precision to assist his clients with all of their real estate endeavors. With his vast experience in both residential real estate as well as residential and commercial development, Victor is able to expertly place each of his clients, whether first time buyer or seasoned investor, into ideal opportunities best suited to their personal, familial, and financial needs and expectations.

    As a licensed mortgage broker Victor is also able to assist with financial planning and loan approval, creating a seamless and streamlined real estate process for his clientele. As a 30-year resident of Orange County and licensed real estate broker since 2006, Victor possesses intimate knowledge of his local and regional market, and prides himself on his ability to seek-out advantageous opportunities. Using his expansive network of colleagues and clients, Victor is able to consistently provide expert insight designed to efficiently maximize each transaction.

    As co-founder of TD Real Estate at Agent Inc., Victor is dedicated to providing expert knowledge and white-glove service, ensuring each transaction he oversees is carefully researched and skillfully negotiated.

    Aside from assisting clients realize their real estate goals, Victor enjoys island hopping in the Caribbean, immersing himself in culinary adventures, and enjoying sporting events.

    With his expansive knowledge and experience, Victor consistently exceeds client expectations, delivering optimal results across the entire spectrum of real estate.

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    Victor Dabestani

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    NMLS# 334734

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